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Hellspawn Summary

Hellspawn is a change from the usual Spawn series in that the story is not told by Spawn himself, but by those surrounding Spawn.  As a result of this, readers see Spawn portrayed as a god-like being that judges everyone and influences or controls the world (George).  This world, which is unfortunately our world in modern times, is a dark, dangerous, and chaotic.  Spawn is trying to fight what is wrong, counteract the chaos, and he kills when he needs to kill to set things right. One element contributing to the bedlam includes an over-zealous, white, religious leader attacking all other races on national television.  Watchers are whipped into frenzy.  Also part of this chaos is the clown who morphs between this persona and his other: Violator.  Clown/Violator goads citizens into doing evil deeds.  Hellspawn is sometimes seen as a reflection of what current society actually like, but portrayed in comic form with an unearthly quality.  There are embodiments of good (or at least the enforcer or judge) and evil.  The evil embodiment is, while influencing people to their unfortunate actions, shows the evil and darkness that lies in humankind.  There are the media aspects in the story that represent the role media plays in society – reporting and often glamorizing ‘evil’ things (HorrorNews).  Hellspawn is more than just a superhero comic book.


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