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Hellspawn Reviews

There are quite a few reviews for this title, and the majority of them praise the work immensely – especially the artwork of Ashley Wood.  I feel that the reviews I have included are both adequate and accurate considering all three closely mirror each other.  Below are three reviews for Hellspawn:

Hellspawn: The Ashley Wood Collection Volume 1: Review” by Dave Baxter

Baxter uses such words as ‘grandiose’, ‘masterful[ly]’, and ‘thriller’ to describe Hellspawn.  He applauds both the writers and artists (and their collaboration) and describes the storyline in such a way that makes readers of the review want to become readers of the comic.  Baxter’s one criticism of the collection is that the ending does not have a very satisfying conclusion, but the rest of the story more than makes up for the lacklustre end.

Hellspawn: The Ashley Wood Collection – Bendis, Niles, and Wood save Spawn from comic book Hell” by Richard George.

George is a ‘refreshing’ look at Hellspawn because he was not a fan of Spawn to begin with – and he calls Hellspawn ‘superb’.  George, same as Baxter, commends Wood for an outstanding job as well as commenting on the abruptness of the of the ending.  This, and the fact that the story leave the reader wanting more of Hellspawn are the only criticisms that George has.  George is careful to note, however, that this book is not for the ‘faint of heart’ and suggests a 17+ rating for it.

Book Review: HellSpawn [sic] – The Ashley Wood Collection – Author Steve Niles, Ashley Wood” by

HorrorNews is yet another review that praises both the story of Hellspawn and the artists highly.  This site also makes sure to point out that this comic should be for adults.  HorrorNews calls Spawn “dark, brooding, vengeful, and unrelenting”, but these elements (combined with Wood’s work) bring this comic to life in ways that other superhero comics are not.


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